Frequently Asked Questions
1.Can i Purchase small Quantities?
Yes.But you can do so only from products displayed in  "Stocks Available "  Sub Category present in all categories.

2.What is the purpose of the website when you have Minimum Order Quantity ( MOQ ) for every product?

Purpose of the website is for wholesale purchase of Gifts & Accessories.
3.Do you Maintain Stocks of all Products displayed in website?
No.All Products are Made to Order.
4.What is the Delivery time for order?
Depends on quantity required and product.Dial 98435 44833 during enquiry you will be briefed clearly.
5.What if our requirement is urgent?
Choose products displayed in  the sub category " Stocks Available" which is present in all categories.Without air and rail cargo due to Covid 19 we can dispatch order  only through surface cargo from our factory locations whose delivery time is any where between 7 to 10 working days so plan accordingly.
6.How are the products priced in website?

For all products   unit price shown is the net wholesale price for the minimum order quantity mentioned alongside each product.
7.How do i purchase quantities using Shopping Cart?

When you want to purchase Minimum Order Quantity all you need to do is click “Add to Cart." If you want to increase quantity update quantity required in multiples of (MOQ) .For eg if you want to purchase 16 clocks update unit quantity to 2 because MOQ is 8 nos  for clocks.If you have any clarifications dial us at 9843544833 before making a purchase online.
8.For the MOQ mentioned can assorted designs be given?

Yes in the same price.

 9.Do you have Products in Stock Always?

Not every product will be in stock always. But there will be few products in stock 365 days a year in all price ranges.In case of an urgent requirement you can choose from the products in stock if you are particular about a specific product you need to give us lead time to manufacture and supply.
10.What is the Lead Time Required?

Minimum 7 working days. Exact time required will be mailed once you enquire online mentioning quantity required.
11.Why you do not maintain stock of all products?

We have close to 2000 products so it is practically not possible to maintain stocks of all of them when we do not know what customer wants.To make it easier for the buyer we let them choose and order so that they can be satisfied with their purchase.
12.Who are your target Clients?

Individuals, Corporates, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Hotels, Ashrams, Big Corporate Events, Weddings, Overseas Buyers, Event Managers.
13.What is so special about this website?

We are the only E - Commerce website in India wherein you can shop for gifts and accessories at wholesale prices.
14.Can Products be customised?

15.Can i see sample before placing a order?

Yes but sample can only be shown if you are making a bulk purchase for which sample fee is charged at retail prices.Sample fee will be deducted once you confirm the bulk order.
16.We do not accept online transactions in our accounting procedure what to do?
We accept cheques also.

17.Can i register with you as a regular wholesale buyer?

18.What are the advantages of registering as a wholesale buyer?

You will be entitled for gift coupons, privilege cards, and many more offers.
19.What do i gain from your website compared to amazon, flipkart etc?

You can save money by purchasing at wholesale prices.
20.What Natural Materials are used in Products?

Jute,Bamboo,Banana Fiber,Arecanut,Wood,Palm,Pipal Leaf,Terracotta,Seed,Coconut Shell,Water - Hyacinth,Straw etc.
21.We are a corporate company can you meet us in person?

Yes once you give us an appointment.
22.We are based outstation how do i interact?

Skype meeting can be arranged at a mutually convenient time both for out station as well as global buyers.
23.Do you supply products for reselling on consignment basis?

24.Do you ship throughout India?

25.Do you ship globally?

26.How do you calculate shipping charges?

Software is designed in such a way that a flat rate is used irrespective of quantity. Finally if it works out lesser we will credit the balance amount to your account at the same time if charges are higher balance amount has to be transferred to our account before product is delivered.
27.How do we get to know about Exact Shipping Charges?

We will keep you informed before order is dispatched.
28.How do we keep track of our order?

We will mail and message you docket number along with courier name and website address you can track status online.

29.You have mentioned minimum lead time is 7 days suppose we need products in 24 hours is it possible?

Yes only for certain products whose stocks are available. Dial us at 9843544833 for urgent requirement.

 30.Do you have any other projects lined up?

Yes we are coming up with another E -Commerce shopping site for ethnic jewellery and home decor.
31.How can we contact you?

Email –

Phone - +91 9843544833

Whats App - +91 9843544833
32.What is the most important point you want to convey to the buyer?

Due to COVID 19 not all products can be made and given.

33.Can you help us out in making a purchase since our computer knowledge is zero?

Sure.All you need to do is dial   9843544833 and inform us item number you are interested in along with quantity.

 34.Do you make theme based gifts and customised packing if required?

35.How do we get to know about offers and new product launches?
Once you like us in facebook which can be done through  home page of website you can keep yourself updated about all details.

 36.I am not a facebook fan what to do?
Subscribe to us by entering  your email address at the column present in bottom of home page in website.We will keep you informed. 

 37.I am based overseas how can i see product before confirming bulk order?
We will upload video file of product in website once you brief us item number you are interested in ordering.

We hope you have enjoyed shopping through our website by which not only do you get product of your choice at  wholesale prices. Along with it you have  also committed to
Stay Natural With Us and Save the Environment.


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